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TFC Direct Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions:  I want to have American and Filipino programming ( TFC only or TFC and GMA7 combine) today! What should I do? 

Answers:  Please complete online form, just click "subscribe now" or call Toll Free 1-888-271-7746

Questions:  How and when  can I use my FREE 20 minutes to call to the Philippines?

Answers:  Once your system is activated  you can now use your FREE 20 minutes to call to the Philippines by dialing 1-877-331-7587+ 011+63+city code+telephone number. If you use more than 20 minutes , you will get charge .23 cents a minute- added to your TFC monthly statement .

Questions: How do I pay my monthly subscription?

Answers: Once you received your monthly statement, you can send a check, pay online or call the number on your statement use your credit card, to pay your bill.

Questions: I have DirectTV, can I  have TFC using one TV?

Answer:  Yes, you can have both services using one TV. Our TFC professional installer knows how to connect it / do it.

Questions: We live in Annapolis, MD 21401 with a limited view of the sky. We have a working service for DirectTV, is possible to receive TFC in this location?

Answers: Yes, especially you already have working service from DirectTV. Our TFC professional installer  is very positive on getting TFC signal even you have limited view of the sky. You just have to buy the complete equipment .

Questions: I'm interested on buying TFC but I'm in Florida.

Answers: No problem, we have TFC  service in your area. We install and service nationwide - North America, 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii.

Questions : I would like to find out more information about the satelite system and if it would work with cable TV?

 Answer:  The TFC satellite will be installed on your outside property, then connect to coax cable to the receiver down to your TV. The TFC receiver works like a VCR. So, having cable TV for sure it will work by just turning the power off or just swicthing it on to the system that you want to use., 

Questions:  just want info on subscrining. thank you.

Answer:  Thank you for your interest in the FilipinoTVchannel.
TFC is available in all 50 states including Hawii and Alaska via satellite. It
offers 6 channels of the best Filipino TV show 24 hours a day,7 days a week, live from the Philippines.

The cost of the  TFC complete equipment including S&H with one year contract is $199.00 -outright purchase plan plus S/H $39.00 and additional sales tax
if you live in California($16.42) or New Jersey (11.94) FREE installation.
Payment options is available:

Monthly subscription of $25.95. with a FREE 20 minutes to call to the Philippines
every month as long as your are TFC subscriber and a  one time activition fee of
$25.00 will be billed on your first month statement. Monthly statement will be
mailed to your address and you can decide if you want to pay check, pay online or use
your credit card.

If you have existing cable,  dish network or direct TV, it's no problem. Our
professional installer know how to connect it without interrupting your existing....
using one TV. TFC cable extension to another TV/room is available, just ask the
installer about the extra costs (not much depend how much cable he will use) when he
come and install your TFC equipment.

As soon as we receive your order, the local installer in your area will contact you
immediately, to make an appointment to come to your place to install the TFC
So, please click this link below to order online or call Mila at
toll free (888)271-7746  or (262)797-6463 and take advantage of our promotional price.

Looking forward to process your order.

Questions: Do I need to have a cable to in order to have TFC.  

Answer: No. TFC signal is Via  Satellite. To be installed outside your property , to be connected to the TFC receiver  and down to your TV. We also provide all the material needed to get TFC signal. We just have to charge you $199.00 plus S/H $39.00. Total of $238.00 plus sales tax if you live in CA or NJ. FREE installation.     

Questions: I deleted your email accidently anyway I would like to know if you a have installer in the georgia area? If not where would I find to install the system if I decide to get one. How many rooms can be veiwed? Last does it hook into the phone line? Thanks

Answer: Yes, we have a local installer anywhere in North America especially in your area.  You can veiwed TFC in many  rooms as  you want, just ask the installer for extra extention cable costs. No. TFC does not hook into the telephone line. TFC signal is Via  Satellite. To be installed outside your property , to be connected to the TFC receiver  and down to your TV. 

Questions: Hi! I just want to know if you guys have an office here in Louisiana and if you do can you please give me the telephone#. I'm interested to sign up with TFC.

Answer: Call Mila at toll free (888)271-7746



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